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Spotlight on STEM: Girls' Day 2023 with Cornelsen

© Cornelesen/Boaz Arad

Examples of how exciting STEM disciplines are in everyday life, contact with professional role models and exchanges with female politicians were all part of the joint Girls' Day 2023 with Cornelsen at the ECDF. The collective goal: to get girls and young women excited about STEM professions (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology), to learn vividly and realistically, and to break down barriers to entering the workforce.

On April 27, 2023, female Berlin high school students explored programming, 3D printing or augmented reality in a MINT course with six hands-on stations. They also discussed challenges, equal opportunities and career opportunities in scientific and technical professions with members of the Bundestag Rasha Nasr (SPD), Nina Stahr (GRÜNE), Ria Schröder (FDP) and Mareike Wulf (CDU).

In order to be able to accompany the students in the best possible way, employees of the ECDF and Cornelsen were on site and reported at the stations about their own experiences and their professional career as e.g. programmer, natural scientist, EdTech specialist or editor. The event was moderated by Sarah Parvanta (KiKa live).