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Lydia Kaiser wins FTAfelicitas Award

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Every year, Femtec Alumnae e.V. awards the FTAfelicitas Prize to accelerate the advancement of women in STEM professions and send a signal that women and technology go very well together. This year, Dr.-Ing. Lydia Kaiser, ECDF Professor of Digital Engineering 4.0. at TU Berlin, was one of three award winners.

"I am very happy about the award, because the topic is very personal to me. I hope that I and all the other nominated and awarded women encourage many other girls and women to follow a similar path. Women and technology have never been at odds with each other," Kaiser explains.

The award is given in three categories to personalities who are particularly committed to networks for women in STEM professions and positions of responsibility in general; who promote women - especially in STEM professions - and support them in their individual career planning; and to personalities who act as role models for men and women and inspire change in existing patterns. Lydia Kaiser won in the latter category, "Rolemodels“, in 2022, following in the footsteps of Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, science journalist and founder of mailab, among others.

"Role models show us possible paths. We are often faced with decisions and are unsettled once we take a new, seemingly unusual path. Role models can inspire, can motivate or set an example. Therefore, my invitation is: Go out to the very points where you were once feeling insecure and inspire the next generation. We need many role models, because as individuals we carry many roles within us. That's why I think it's great that associations like Femtec Alumnae e.V. have made it their mission to raise awareness and visibility," explains the engineering graduate.

In addition to Lydia Kaiser, Fränzi Kühne, Chief Digital Officer of edding AG and author, and Tuesday Porter, Supervisory Board member and Head of Group Representative Office TÜV NORD GROUP, were also honored this year. More about the FTAfelicitas Award and the associated association can be found //here.