Open Days at UdK Berlin

It is a firmly established event in Berlin's cultural summer: our Rundgang – Open Days of the Berlin University of the Arts. At the end of the academic year Germany's largest art university with its four colleges, the Berlin Career College and the Inter-University Centre for Dance opens its workshops, studios and rehearsal rooms for the public thus creating an opportunity to get in contact with our young artists and their works. The next Rundgang – Open Days will be from July 12 till July 14, 2019.

What If? - Utopias of Digital Physicality (4th semester)
Digital immersion is increasingly conquering everyday life and writing the relationship between people and technology. Architectures, experiences and dependencies on bodies in space and time change. Fashion designers usually use the natural human body as a drawing surface. What if not? In this project, hypothetical figures were created that blur the boundaries between real and unreal, between material and immaterial, between humanoid and technoid.Prof. Franziska SchreiberProf. Berit Greinke
Location: Straße des 17. Juni 118, 3D-HAUS
Time: Saturday and Sunday, 11am–18pm
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Digital Education
Artifact exhibition P
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hromada is Professor of Digital Education. He presents various digital educational artefacts.
Location: Grunewaldstraße 2-5, Medienhaus, Room 311
Time: Friday 1-10pm, Saturday 11am–10pm, Sunday 11am–8pm

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